Today is a Really Good Day!

Patience is a virtue, it has actually been way longer than I ever thought it would take. To open up my home, adventures, and people to you all. I’m as ready as I’ll ever be and I’ve learned so much on this journey so far. I can’t wait to embrace and share it all with you.

Few things to know about me, I literally torture myself to figure everything out and usually, it’s the long road!! Technology and I are not friends, we are learning to love each other. Deciding to blog about everything we love and do has been a goal of mine since we purchased our abandoned farmhouse. Which, feels like yesterday, we were scraping peeling plaster, in a blustery February snowstorm. By the way, with no heat!! All of the copper lines had been removed and stolen. Yet this is where we are today.

Learning to become friendly with technology, sharing all of the work we’ve accomplished, and ready to open up about all the accomplishments this far.

There is a really cool story behind the corner cabinet. The present doors are a transformation of an original door that used to be just to the right of where it is now. There was a wall that separated our tiny kitchen for the dining room. We love to entertain and host and felt like the wall was holding back from interaction with loved ones. So down it came!!!!! I was determined to preserve a piece of the originality, hence the custom corner cabinet. Door flipped, sanded, and reinvented.

So, today! Is a Really Good Day! Thank you for welcoming me so warmly!

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