To Sand or Not to Sand?? That is the question

Good morning!!

There are so many days that I literally want to slam my head against a wall or maybe that actually happens. It seems like one project overflows into another project and before you know it we got walls coming down and floors being pulled up. My heart is serious about trying to preserve as much of this home as I possibly can while converting it into our home. Recently, we decided to tackle a project that has been ignored. The floors!!
This is an area of no, no!!! My husband has strong feeling of preservation for the flooring. I, on the other hand. Have battled with many ideas. Restraint, strip, paint or replace. Well… replace is out. My better half, is anti- ripout. So after many discussions, debates and idea wrangling. We finally found a talented contractor that was willing to take some of the recycled boards from a wall that we removed and replace some much in need “therapy” to boards that were holey and destroyed. I learned so much about the hand craftmanship that was put into the build of our home. The main beam traveling through our whole home is ? Square, ? Feet long, ? Feet wide, hand cut nails and wood dowels. It is absolutely amazing to think…..

How did they raise the beam?
Was the beam cut from the woods near by?
Type of wood?
I would seriously have so many questions, if I could meet the wonderful individuals that crafted this home.

Questions are endless. We’ve got a lot more progress to make on these floors. Now that they are mended, it’s time to give them a refresher.

I’d love to know your thoughts.
Leave them with all the love, scratches, paint drips and memories and seal with a clear coat ??
Lightly sand them back and clear coat?

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