Finds I love…

There it is…for the moment and this changed throughout the week.

This is 1 of 2 mantles on the first floor, and 1 of 4 total mantles in the whole home. I struggle with this particular mantle the most. This is the only mantle that the beautiful rocks were not layered over with a cover of plaster. I always think does the mantle look too simple, undressed? Yet, I truly love simple..less is more. I’ve always felt that it looks beautiful with just a little something. I pulled this lovely glass panel door out of my collection and heaved it around to find its home. This was the first home.

Yet, I felt it wasn’t Home yet. So I ventured around the house holding it up, placing it in spaces. I love the original color and wanted to make a statement. So, I went back to the collection of goodies, drug out the match and started to ponder.

  • Quick side note- on a family trip to Jim Thorpe, Pa.
  • While on an “Adventure” we came across a flea market.
  • Discovering these 2 beautiful panels for $20.00 total!

And Tada!!

This ended up being the final landing spot.

I’d love to know your thoughts.

Mantle or Door Frame?? What’s your favorite?

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