Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes…

Author – unknown

Welp!! In our home lots of changes are constantly happening! I have a work out t-shirt that has this quote from above. It is such a reminder on so many levels. I think…. I may be one of few, but I totally enjoy change! Of course, it can cause me anxiety or stress, as we all may feel… but I have found that if I jump in and give it a go then usually the change feels rewarding.

  • Gym
  • Yoga
  • Skincare regimen
  • And, Not to be so hard on myself!

I’ve made sure since the new year to make some much needed changes to my lifestyle. Anyone else sticking to a change?

AND…..on a lighter note, this home is constantly CHANGING! It was only 2 weeks ago. I photographed the picture above. The furniture movers are always handy. This is the newest addition. An empire style dresser that has moved on in.

I’ve already dived into making changes to the empire.

I’ve coated the beautiful corbels with 2 coats of stripper. Washed and cleaned them off to reveal this beautiful soft wood tone. I definitely want to leave the drawers as is, I mean tiger wood is just so pretty, I can’t bring myself to touch them. In order to give it a little more softness, I’d like to paint the shell.

I’m on the fence, what tone do you think would be best??

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