1803 Farmhouse

First, Welcome!!

I actually could not find my notes fast enough to start my thought. So, here it goes all jumbily and wimp womp.

This day is super exciting but a little scary at the same time. I’m ready to share all of our home adventures with you all. So here it goes!!

I do what I do, I truly love it. It is my Hobby. The love is for the desire to have what I find pretty, welcoming, inviting, warm and soothing. What I desire takes time. Takes search. Takes movement. Takes backbone. Takes strength. I love the challenges! Finding all the goodies, collecting things I love. Furniture finder, renovator, and reimagined kind of person. It takes imagination and for me….. Patience!!! Today I share with you my home.
Yes, it is a couple snippets of who I am but does it show the sweat and troubleshooting.
Nope. It shows the finished picture. The “adventure” along the way. That we have built along with my family, building and growing over time.

This is where it all began, 9 years ago this month! Most thought we were down right crazy. To buy an 1803 abandoned farmhouse stacked to the hilt with trash, dust, debri, peeling plaster, no running water, no heat, no air not even the lines to provide these resources. We, (my hubs and I) saw so much more!
This 1803 farmhouse was Ours! A treasure..a lost piece of history waiting to be reloved. Calling our names…..to be brought back to life.
Our dreams, imagination, sweat, tears and screams. Yes, we have found that we loved it from the first crinketty door opening, and we love it more now.
Now, that we have created a house to OUR home. Well, almost! We’ve finished alot but there are many more projects to conquer. I would love to share all of our creativity along the way..

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