The disconnect to reconnect.


For those of you returning, hello! Sorry, for the break. I needed to disconnect to reconnect to find my way back to where my love originally formed for decor styling!

Those of you new to the blog, furniture was where this adventure began!!

I recently took a break from the brick and mortar shop that I had for 3.5 years to follow the path that I was being lead to. The blog, step one and then to rebrand the Blue Dandelion vibe. There are still lots of moves happening and my goal is to have some more news by Summer 2020.

Till then, Cindi (from Hause by Krause) and I are teaming up to bring you a collection of all new items. Pieces will be available for local pickup to Landenberg and Lancaster, Pa only. We’ve have hopes in finding a safe way to ship items. Would love any advice from those who are not new to the shipping of furniture.

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